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Driver's License & Age •Must be aged between 21 to 75 years (drivers and hirers) •At least having two years driving experience with a valid Malaysia or international driving license •Malaysian “P” license is unacceptable Rates •Paid in Ringgit Malaysia •Unlimited mileage for 24 hours of daily rental rates •Additional hours is calculated at 1/12 of the daily rental rates •6% of goods AND service tax (GST) are being subjected to the rental rates Minimum Rental Period •1 day rental period is applicable Insurance •Hire drive car, no third party driver charged. Car Group A B C D E 1 Non-Waiverable Excess (All rental included Std Insurance) MYR 1000 MYR 1500 MYR 2500 MYR 3500 MYR 5000 2 Purchase of CDW / day rate MYR 20 MYR 30 MYR 40 MYR 45 MYR 50 3 Reduced Non Waiverable Excess MYR 500 MYR 750 MYR 1500 MYR 2500 MYR 3500 Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) Additional Note: Zero Excess is unavailable • It is the responsibility of the hirer in case of the event of missing items, car accessories, scratch and dents as they are not protected by the standard hire & drive insurance and also by the purchase of CDW. • It is the full responsibility of the hirer if there is an event of car damage is caused by hirer driving under the influence of alcohol or any intoxicating substance, all damage cost incurred will be the paid fully by the hirer including loss of use. • With the availability of a police report within 24 hours, CDW coverage will be effective with the pertaining to the damages caused to the rental vehicles by accident. Meanwhile, the accident must be notified immediately AGTRAN in the first place when the accident happen. PAI (Personal Accident Insurance) • Available upon request. • A coverage of up to MYR 10,000 for death and total permanent disability will be provided to each driver and passenger if there is an event of car accident • Medical reimbursement is paid by the insurance, MYR 1,000 for driver and MYR 500 for passenger • Total claim of every car depends on the seating capacity allowed for the vehicle with rates subjected to 6% GST & Terms of PAI subject to the current engaged insurance company Payment • All major credit cards are accepted ( Cash / Visa / Master Card / Amex). Parking Fee and Traffic Fines • All parking fines and traffic summonses during the rental period are the responsibility of the renter • An additional fees of MYR 50 for administration will be charged to the renter for any traffic fines and any violation arising from renter’s use of the vehicle Petrol • A full tank of unleaded petrol of the rental vehicle must be returned as it used to be, otherwise re-fuelling cost will be charged towards the hirer Extension of Rental Period • Immediately inform to AGTRAN Travel Sdn Bhd if there is any event of extension rental period so that we can facilitate the insurance coverage • Failure to do so means that the hirer is using the vehicle without insurance and AGTRAN Travel Sdn Bhd permission as well One Way Rental Fees / Delivery & Collection Service in Kota Bharu City Centre & Out of Office Hours • Out of state destination will be charged as one way rental fees from MYR 300 to MYR 450, which depends on the final destination hirer will like to drop off the car as well. • Example of One Way Rental Fees: • Rent from Kelantan and drop off in Terengganu, Kuala Lumpur, Johor, and vice versa. • It is advisable for the hirer to refer the one way rental fees with AGTRAN during the booking process. • A minimum cost of MYR 30 or above per way is charged for delivering the rental vehicle to a specific address (within the same state) specified by the hirer in the booking form • Rental vehicle for pick-up and return during out of office hour will be charged to a sum of MYR 50 (will be shown in the online booking summary form). GPS • MYR 15 per days or MYR 150 per rental per month for the arrangement of GPS maps with subject to 6% GST. Baby Chair • MYR 9 per days or MYR 50 per rental per month with subject to 6% GST for the arrangement of baby chair. Repair • Only original receipt of the supplier and damage parts will be accepted to refund any cost of repair during rental period • A prior approval from the car hire company is needed for any repair exceeding MYR 100 Breakdown Service • In case of emergency need, AGTRAN Rental has appointed Allianz Malaysia Berhad (Allianz) for the breakdown service assistant for 24 hours to help the hirer. Restriction Area & Road • Not allowed to drive all AGTRAN in Singapore and Thailand. • It is not for use in off-roads, unsealed or unmade roads or surfaces. Collecting Rental Car • It is necessary to present a valid credit card in the name of hirer to the duty officer while collecting the rental vehicle for charging. Do ensure to have enough fund in the cash / credit card. Failure to do so, AGTRAN will not release the rental vehicle to the hirer and refund is not accepted if there is a failure to do so. • Must present a valid driving license, travel documents and passport to the duty officer. Do prepare a copy of them. • Waiting charge will be available for any rental vehicle that is not collected after the second hour from the original collection time. • If there is no notice about the delay or late, we will consider it as No Show after waiting for 2 hours from the original collection time. Cancellation Policy • MYR 68 is charged for any cancellation made less than 14 days before your actual rental date. • A sum of MYR 108 for cancellation fees for cancellation being made within 13 to 4 days before your actual rental date. • Any less than 3 days cancellation before your rental actual date, MYR 158 must be paid. • No show car pick up is non-refundable. • Written notification can only be sent through email ([email protected] / [email protected]) for any cancellation being made. • 1 day = 24 hours.

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