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Benefits Whe Use Our Leasing Car In Kota Bharu 

If you need the mobility of a car for a long duration of time in Kota Bharu and Kuala Lumpur, consider the long term lease option offered by AG Car Rental. Leasing Car In Kota Bharu with us enables you to take advantage of our purchasing strengths. Not only that, you also gain from our fixed monthly instalments, for ease of budgeting on the whole life of the vehicle.

Our lease terms are flexible – from 12 months up to 60 months for cars and specific commercial vehicles.

Get more and more quotes fast!
Our team customer service o are informed instantly when you submit a request. If they believe they can provide you with the most relevant and competing offer, they will a submit a quote to you.

Making it easy to compare quotes
AG Car Rental service makes it really intuitive to compare multiple competing offers. The refreshingly transparent & no-gimmick overview of quotes makes leasing a car an enjoyable process.We are professional and exprienced 5years leasing consultants.

Best Leasing Car in Kota Bharu 

Leasing a car brings you benefits such as:
  • Lower monthly payment compared to car rental
  • Convenience - insurance, road tax, servicing and maintenance all taken care by AG Car Rental
  • Complimentary replacement vehicle during vehicle servicing, accident & breakdown
  • Unlimited mileage and unrestricted access into Malaysia
  • Complimentary 24-Hour breakdown assistance in Malaysia
  • Lower upfront funding compare to outright purchase & hire purchase
  • Cost saving on admistrative, maintenance and others cost
  • No Risk on Residual Value-Vehicle is simply returned to AG Car Rental at lease-end
  • Hassle Free on Disposal of vehicle
  • Allows staff to concentrate on your core business without the additional overhead often required to manage and administer your fleet in-house.

Contact us now, we at AG Car Rental are happy to assist you

. Do not miss this opportunity and our best services, if you need our services Leasing In Kota Bharu

Mobile :  +60189890800
 Email : [email protected]

Again for Inconvenience,

Mobile :  +60189890800 
 Email : [email protected]

 For any Queries and Reservations

 Do not worry, we are ready to serve you. Not only are rental services available, but also 'leasing' and 'chauffeur' services are also available at AG Car Rental Kota Bharu

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Thank You Choosing AG Car Rental

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