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1. Do a DEEP research

     Seriously, make sure to surf the Internet. It is a must. For what? In this case, you should do a research if you want to rent a car, do not just simply rent without knowing the details. Make sure to read and investigate what kind of rental company you are going to choose. You should know what you are doing, same goes to the rental services. One must know what is going around so that you will end up choosing the right option.

           2. Plan your trip

As the saying goes by, ‘ If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail ‘ . Well, it is not exactly a saying, but more to motivational quote, per say. You might be unintentionally ‘killing’ yourself if you have been practicing the so-called-unplanned trip. Know this, dear people, not everything will go smoothly, okay? It might be enjoyable for some time, but eventually this kind of plan will not be effective, AT ALL. Plan your trip carefully by book the car early. Somehow, you do not know what will happen in the future. Just be prepared so that everything goes well. provide alternative ways as well so that you won’t get headache much later. For your information, AG Car Rental provides discount for the rental, leasing and chauffeur services. The longer you use the services, the bigger the discount you will be getting.

3. Think about insurance

Most of the rental company, well, almost all of them probably will offer a loss damage waiver (LDW) and collision damage waiver (CDW). We, AG Car Rental, does offer this kind of insurance policy. Do take note, guys. LDW covers any loss or damage done to the rental company. Meanwhile, CDW will cover you when there is an event of a collision happen, Both coverage are good idea, but not if they duplicate coverage already included in your own insurance policy. Both of them are good, BUT they certainly ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH if they duplicate what already covered in you insurance policy.

4. Read the agreement

Even when renting a house, you need an agreement. The same goes to when you want to rent a car. One should read agreement carefully so that you won’t be regretful later. Do ASK QUESTIONS regarding the policies. Some companies might have different policies. Just be careful. AG Car Rental is very willing to answer any of your questions, don’t worry ! We will not hide anything (except the company database) from you, dear customers.  

5. Enjoy your ride !

Last but not least, just enjoy your ride ! Make it enjoyable to ride along the trip!

We DO offer rental, leasing and chauffeur services, people! We will make it worth your time and of course your money as well! 
Just trust us, it is worth it. We really appreciate and value our customers. Your comfort and happiness matter to us. Do contact 0189890800 for any enquiries. Do contact us for more rental, leasing and chauffeur services. We do offer them, just one call away people!

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