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Car Rental, Leasing and Chauffeur Kota Bharu, Exclusive Cars
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Exclusive cars now are available to be rented, leased and chauffeured as well ! Well, it is certainly a very happy news for you, people ! No need to buy your own to feel the “ exclusiveness “, now you can either rent, lease or chauffeur. Don’t worry, it’s simple and easy, or rather said, easy peasy.

Honda Civic 
What do you know about exclusive car? Basically it is a type of vehicle that is of course not only exclusive, but also expensive. Surely you know that the exclusiveness and expensiveness will provide you the comfort, and maybe satisfaction for some people. You may have some fun as well by riding on it. Those who are still not having the opportunity to use one, now is your time ! We are just one call away! 

So what are the type of exclusive cars that AG Car Rental provides? Currently Vellfire, Alphard and Honda Civic are the one that available to be rented, leased and chauffeured. We will be adding more soon, don’t worry, be happy, people.


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